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The Sensations Of Tone

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KVG Laboratories can work with you to improve, enhance or modify the acoustic environment of:
    • recording and broadcast studio control rooms
    • television and motion picture sound stages
    • concert halls
    • dance halls
    • houses of worship
    • rehearsal spaces
    • restaurants
    • night clubs
    • dance clubs
    • discotheques
    • libraries
    • classrooms
    • sport venues
    • office suites
    • home theater rooms
    • luxury homes
    • apartment complexes
    • amphitheaters
    • museums, galleries and exhibition spaces
    • stereo listening rooms
    • audiovisual retail showrooms
    • industrial and manufacturing spaces
    • waiting rooms
    • medical facilities
    • audiological testing spaces
    • noise evaluation laboratories
    • anechoic chambers
    • firearm testing facilities
    • motor vehicle evaluation testing facilities
    • courtrooms
    • union halls
    Along with our consulting services, we design acoustic products and systems, including:
    Acoustic Diffusers (click here for more information).
    Rooms sound bad when one frequency or range of frequencies dominates its inherent resonance. Diffusers scatter sound waves, reducing the dominance of one given frequency. They create a pleasing sound that actually improves musical performances by creating an environment that allows musicians to more accurately perceive pitch. Even distribution of resonances enhances speech intelligibility, reduces listener fatigue, improves the clarity of audio systems of all kinds and improves the quality of sound recordings.
    Sound Absorption (click here for more information).
    Sound absorbers can be tuned to reduce the magnitude of sound resonances, essentially equalizing the room "flat." As with diffusers, this enhances speech intelligibility, reduces listener fatigue, improves the clarity of audio systems of all kinds and improves the quality of sound recordings.
    Sound Transmission Reduction (click here for more information).
    It's important to keep unwanted sounds of our the acoustic environment and to prevent sounds within the acoustic environment from leaking out, interfering with adjacent spaces (such as studios, theaters, restaurants, classrooms, and adjacent apartments or offices), especially in situations where local ordinances prohibit noise nuisances.
    Active Sound Masking Systems (click here for more information).
    KVG Laboratories can design effective, state-of-the-art active sound masking systems to provide acoustical privacy. Our systems are effective for music as well as for speech purposes. our sound masking systems are ideal in situations where conversations are sensitive or confidential, including: medical consultations, financial planning, legal consultations, corporate planning and other private personal conversations.

    Sound masking systems reduce psychological and emotional stress because of the assurance and knowledge that such conversations cannot be overheard. We highly recommend our sound masking systems for the offices of psychiatrists, medical doctors, lawyers, corporate officers, inventors, designers, law enforcement, and financial advisors. Sound masking also are a benefit where persons need to be relieved of having to listen to the sounds of others. They relieve stress by annoyance prevention.

    KVG Sound Masking Systems benefit and enhance:
    • Open Offices
    • Closed Offices
    • Research Laboratories
    • Courtrooms
    • Classrooms
    • Libraries
    • Daycare
    • Waiting Rooms
    • Cafeterias and Restaurants
    • Broadcast Studio Green Rooms
    • Hospitals (HIPAA Compliance)
    • Pharmacies (HIPAA Compliance)
    • Call Centers
    • Libraries
    • Secure Government Facilities (SCIFF)
    • Financial Institutions (GLBA Compliance) (Graham, Leach Blyly Act)
    Electronically Variable Acoustic System, E.V.A.S (click here for more information).
    KVG Laboratories has spent the past twelve years working to solve a fundamental problem of acoustics: How do you ensure that the room's acoustics sound perfect with music as well as spoken word. A room's acoustics are the result of a room's dimensions and the materials the room is made from. So, the room's reverberation time is fixed. Short reverberation times are desirable with speech so that intelligibility is preserved and listener fatigue is reduced. But rooms with short reverberation times don't sound good with music. Long or medium reverberation times make music sound rich and full, but make speech difficult to hear, muffling the sound. Complicating matters further, different genres of music sound best with different reverberation times. The result is that no matter what, your room is a compromise between intelligible speech and great sounding music.

    How would you like to be able to push a button and instantly your room's reverberation time changes: short reverberation time for easy-to-understand speech, then the ideal medium or long reverberation time that best suits the music being performed. This isn't science fiction, this is now available from KVG Laboratories thanks to the Electronically Variable Acoustic System, or E.V.A.S. Regardless if an event involves both speech and music, the room can transform itself instantly as the situation changes during the program with a KVG Laboratories E.V.A.S. installation. E.V.A.S. is an inter-related system of proprietary transducers, specialized microphones, and sophisticated signal processing combined with custom-made acoustic absorbers, bass traps, diffusers and baffles that work together to give you total control over your venue's acoustics.
    The Electronically Variable Acoustic System, or E.V.A.S., is ideal for any type of performance space, and can be installed in recording studios, concert venues, meeting spaces, theaters, and houses of worship. Systems can be configured for new construction or to retrofit an existing room, and can be made to blend into existing decoration and architectural features.

    Our structural engineer, architect, acoustician, audio engineers and E.V.A.S. designer will work with you to install your E.V.A.S. so that no other venue in your area will equal the quality of your acoustics.

    Now there is no excuse for any performance space to suffer from bad room acoustics. Contact us today so that we can give you the advantages of The Electronically Variable Acoustic System.

    USA and foreign patents applied for; all rights reserved. Electronically Variable Acoustic System and E.V.A.S are registered trademarks of KVG Laboratories.
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