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I remember having a really bad fall when I was about 9 years old. This fall landed me in the hospital for over a week flat on my back. That was in 1960, and they had four people to a room. I know that sounds awful but it was really true. I was in a room with 3 much older women moaning, complaining, and just plain yelling, it was like being in a nursing home.

My Dad, knowing that I was bored and the sounds were driving me crazy. The next thing I knew he was walking in with a box for me, it was a transistor radio, a little bit bigger than a pack of cigarettes. It was one of the newest things on the market. You could listen to it by just turning it on, it had a small speaker on the inside. Or you could listen to it with an ear plug that plugged into the side of it. You could only get AM Stations because, that was all there were. So I was set!!

I absolutely loved my little radio.

When I got home, it hung on my door knob and my Mom would turn it off when she went to bed at night. It was always on when I went to sleep, when I think about that time in my life, it makes me smile. That was a great surprise and it made that week in the hospital much more tolerated. I had a transistor radio from that day on until my 16th birthday when I got my first stereo. Woo hoo!

—Christy S.

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