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The Sensations Of Tone

All KVG Laboratories Individually Custom-Engineered (ICE) products are made to the specific needs of our individual customers, so we do not have a catalog of standard models. In our experience, mass produced products require compromise, something we’re not willing to do. Only Individually Custom-Engineered (ICE) products can satisfy our quality standards. Because we do not have to worry about the constraints of mass-production we are able to use the best tube, transistor, integrated circuit, loudspeaker or other component for the application, even if it is a rare type, a type seldom encountered in audio or a part that has been custom-design and custom-made for your specific product. We have access to component manufacturers of all types and can have any part we require custom-made.

Please contact us today so we can design your Individually Custom-Engineered (ICE) equipment for you, including:

We also offer several proprietary design patterns as a basis for your equipment, time-proven designs that may be adapted to most tube types. They’re the result of years of research and in-use experience. We can design a custom product quickly often without having to design entirely from scratch.
  • Electric Guitars.
  • Electric Bass Guitars.
  • Banjos.
  • Drums.
  • Music Instrument Pickups.
  • Guitar Amplifiers for recording, practice or live performance.
  • Bass Guitar amplifiers for recording, practice or live performance.
  • Keyboard amplifiers for recording, practice or live performance.
  • Music Instrument effects processors for guitar, bass or keyboard.
  • Music Instrument Loudspeakers.
  • Microphone preamplifiers and processors for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Compressors, peak limiters, and gain levelers for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Equalizers for mastering, audiophile stereo, or optimized for a specific instrument.
  • Mixers and mixing consoles for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Record Mastering Processors.
  • Harmonic Enhancers for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Spatial Image Enhancers for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Vocal Enhancers for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Reverberation plate systems for studio.
  • Non-sproingy spring reverb for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Condenser microphones for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Dynamic microphones for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Ribbon microphones for studio, stage or broadcasting.
  • Percussatron(TM) Drum Sensors.
  • Sound reenforcement loudspeakers.
  • Studio monitor loudspeakers.
  • Acoustic Devices.
  • Acoustic Treatments.
Our equipment is designed by working professionals, not marketing cabals or computer programmers. We understand which features are useful to gigging musicians and working engineers and which features are merely trendy packaging. As a result, we offer versatile configuration, session-to-session consistency, outstanding reliability and excellent operational efficiency so you spend more time making and recording music and less time operating electronics.

To achieve the highest quality, all of our equipment is custom-designed for the specific application and optimized for the specific installation in which it will be used. We reject standardized, mass-produced designs because mass-production necessarily involves compromise. All KVG Laboratories equipment is hand-made in the USA and built up to a standard, not down to a price point. That said, KVG also rejects the trendiness or scientifically dubious “improvements” that serve mainly to benefit the advertiser or manufacturer. You will find only solid, dependable gear that makes the most fabulously engaging sound you’ve ever heard.

Our equipment lets you record with low noise and wide dynamic range, for unprecedented fidelity and musicality; or to enhance any sound for richness, definition and clarity; and to create new sounds or highly modify existing sounds in ways you might not have thought possible.

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